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How to Increase Your Sales on eBay Using Retouching Services

The eBay team has worked hard to become the auction site it is today. These efforts resulted in 160 million active buyers as of the first quarter of 2021. It’s no secret that Amazon’s popularity is much higher, but eBay is rapidly gaining strength and is currently its main competitor. Accordingly, the idea of ​​placing your business on this platform is reasonable.

Based on the results of a study performed by MDG Advertising, about 70% of buyers on the net are attracted by a beautiful product photo, and not by its parameters and functionality description. Product images are even more influential than reviews of customers that have already tried a product. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful article to show you how visual content marketing can help you increase sales on eBay.

1. Create A Positive First Impression by Dint of Defects Removal

It is the first impression of your eBay account that shapes buyers’ following behavior: if the appearance of your e-commerce store is eye-catching, a buyer will most likely opt for it, and vice versa. To grab buyers’ attention with visuals, don’t neglect pro-level photo retouching – the more beautiful the photo of your product is, the more likely it will increase views on eBay.

However, the product description is still an important factor. Product data should be as accurate and clear as possible. A well-written description helps build the trust of your customers, both existing and target.

According to Nasdaq, 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040. That’s why now is the time to think about professionally edited images of your products to start creating competition in the market yourself.

2. Stand out from the Competition Investing in Business

Studies have shown that people tend to remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and just 10% of what they hear. The conclusion is obvious – bright and interesting images can create a positive perception of your brand among a large percentage of buyers. We can roughly divide retouching of commercial images into two types: basic and advanced. The first will help with cleaning up an object, cropping and straightening an image, as well as adjusting exposure and eliminating defects. Advanced retouching focuses on operations with shadows and reflections, includes a ghost mannequin effect, as well as shape adjustment.

By now, you must be facing a lot of competition when promoting your business on eBay, and you know that it takes a lot of effort to make your products popular. We believe that professional product photo retouching is a win-win option for your e-commerce store on the way to high rankings.

HubSpot research shows that 70% of businesses invest in content marketing. As a rule, it also uses visual marketing methods, which involve professional product photos and pro-grade photo editing. This data demonstrates the willingness of business owners to invest in marketing to boost sales on eBay.

3. Ability to Increase Customer Base Using Images after Full Retouching

To better understand how it works, let’s imagine that e-commerce is a body and organs of a person, while his blood is product images. They feed and transport all the necessary elements to the appropriate places. This proves once again that for everything to function properly, photos must look perfect to attract new customers to your goods.

A top-quality photo posted on your eBay account will get new customers interested, which makes it an effective marketing and advertising strategy. By attracting more and more target buyers, you will soon build a stable customer base and increase sales on eBay.

By choosing to retouch photos properly, you will not only improve an image of your e-commerce store but also stimulate target buyers to purchase. Image retouching will make your products stand out and increase sales, especially if you are experiencing slow sales. It is also a good brand-building tool to help you grow your brand awareness.

Pro Tip: When starting to create your online store, pay special attention to its attractive design. Use only high-quality photos and perform all the needed tweaks.

4. Method to Build Brand to Focus on Creating Your Style

Professional product photo retouching is indispensable for building your brand on eBay. Competition in the markets is getting higher every day, which greatly complicates the process of creating a brand. To properly improve photos for these purposes, you just need to opt for one style of image editing. It will contribute to high brand awareness.

Moreover, this method can easily become a new trend. If you make every effort to create your style, you will have followers. Mastery in color correction, saturation adjustment, and even the shape and size of the image is sure to find its fans. Thus, you will not only raise sales but also become a market influencer.

5. Develop Customer Satisfaction by Creating a Virtual Impression

Buyers prefer fast and efficient options. As we have already found out, their main focus is on visuals. Thanks to photo materials, they are not only convinced of the high quality of your products but also get into your eBay account and realize your honesty and reliability as a seller.

By editing your photos according to set standards, you boost sales on eBay, thereby satisfying the needs of your customers. Everything is simple here: if they don’t like a photo of your product, then you will lose their attention, and, accordingly, sales will decrease. Professional photo retouching is one of the most effective business techniques at the moment.

Just like eBay, almost every other is working on the first impression of products through professional image retouching. A beautiful and eye-catching product presentation is the key to grabbing the attention of target buyers.

6. Better Showcase of Product Specs Using Advanced Photo Retouching Software

Boost sales on eBay

According to the results of numerous studies, 70% of buyers consider a photo quality as the most important factor when deciding to buy a particular product. They try to study the product’s parameters and understand whether they will choose your e-commerce store based on these images.

Pro Tip: When retouching a photo, make sure you highlight the exact dimensions and key details of a product; they will help a buyer make a faster decision.

7. Establish Emotional Connections to Associate Brand with Good Notions

As you know, we perform many of our actions under the influence of different emotions. This also applies to online purchases. Therefore, to build a reliable and trusting relationship with your customers, you need to pay proper attention to visual elements. Our brain “loves” everything nice and marketers successfully use it for their purposes. It’s no secret that pictures affect people emotionally more than text, so you need to work hard on the visual component of your account to increase views on eBay.

Poor-quality photos can cause negative emotions in buyers. Therefore, you should not save on good photo retouching. Entrust this business to professionals, and you will appreciate the results of the investment soon.

Instantly increased popularity of e-commerce stores is due to the 24/7 availability. It is for this reason that 65% of people prefer online shopping, according to recent surveys.

8. Increase Shareability Using High-Quality Photos

A rule of thumb states that buyers are more likely to share their feedback in the form of a photo than in the form of huge detailed articles. Just look at social media posts: the sharing of visual content is 40 times higher than any other type of content.

Pro Tip: For such content to be shareworthy, your audience must somehow relate to it. If its requirements are not met, the target audience will not want to share it.