21 Trending products to sell on eBay in April

21 Trending Products To Sell on eBay in April

After opening your online eBay store, the next step is to decide what to sell on eBay. There are a ton of options and choosing the right ones can be challenging. A common way to decide what to sell is to find out what products are currently trending. Product research can help you position your store rightly to meet market needs. Selling in-demand retail items can increase your sales numbers and level up your profit margins.

We will take a look at 21 popular and trending eBay products to sell in the month of April. We will include market statistics from Zik Analytics to back up the profitability and demand for the items on the list. By the end of this article, you’ll know the best products to add to your store for increased sales and profits.

Top 21 eBay Products to sell in April

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To analyze these items, we will use ZIK Analytics for product and market research. ZIK Analytics shows you the following statistics when you search for a product niche:

  • The sell-through rate, i.e the number of potential buyers for the top 100 listings
  • The number of sold items
  • The sales earnings in the last 30 days
  • The number of successful listings in the last 30 days
  • The average product price

You also have the option to save your search for later use.

There is also the pie graph that shows you the percentage of each seller’s overall sales and the trends graph shows the number of sales per day in the previous month.

On the list of products, you can see all the information from left to right. You can find details on the products such as the product name, price, number of items sold in the last 30 days, lifetime sales, the seller’s name, the seller’s country, and the number of feedback the seller has received.

Envelopes/Shipping & Moving Boxes

Envelopes are used in packaging flat documents such as letters and books for forwarding and delivery. They are also employed in delivering lightweight objects, in the place of cardboard boxes. Shipping & Moving boxes are usually prefabricated cardboard boxes that are used for packaging items intended for delivery.

These two items are majorly used by factories and businesses that are involved in shipping and delivery.

Envelopes are sold in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. Also, shipping boxes are sold in a variety of shapes, sizes, and assemblies.

Envelopes have sales earnings of $669,611 and an average product price of $29.46. Shipping & Moving boxes have sales earnings of $759,830 and have a product price of $36.3.


Fragrances are very popular during Spring.  Fragrances and perfumes play important roles in the daily grooming habits of most individuals. The most common types of fragrances are eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne. The market is also segmented into male, female, and unisex fragrances.

Men’s fragrances tend to be in more demand, so be sure to add them to your store. Market interest in fragrances is often driven by current fashion trends. It is important to stay updated so you can stock what customers are looking for.

Fragrances have sales earnings of $661,986 and an average product price of $30.95. 22,535 fragrances have been sold over the last month on eBay.

Power tool batteries


Power tool batteries are moving fast on eBay. These batteries are used to power drills, saws, mowers, and other types of power tools. They are indispensable in the construction and automotive industries.

Lithium-ion batteries are most commonly sold on eBay. They are usually easier to use, run for longer times, and are more protected from overheating, compared to other types of power tool batteries. Home Depot is one of the most popular brands that supply these kinds of products.

Power tool batteries have sale earnings of $499,726 and an average product price of $42.91. Over 9,000 power tool batteries have been sold on eBay in the last 30 days.


At number four on the list of the best products to sell in April, we have hats. Hats have sold consistently over the last thirty days, and not one day has gone by without a hat being sold.

Hats are used for expression, sports, and fashion. Consumers often choose for their convenience, affordability, and comfortability.

Hats are in demand in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Baseball caps are the most popular type on eBay.

Hats have sale earnings of $201,676 and an average product price of $9.49. Successful listings for this product category are at 87%.


The increase in outdoor games and activities during spring and summer causes a rise in the demand for outdoor lighting fixtures.

Lightings are used in interior design photography, gardening, etc. According to a report by the European Commission, lighting accounts for 19% of worldwide electricity consumption.

Lighting systems of different designs are top-selling eBay categories. The best-selling ones include LED lights, strip lights, wall motion sensor lights, LED strip lights, etc.

Lightings have sale earnings of $193,124. Over 17,000 items were sold during the last month at an average product price of $12.91.


T-shirts are also trending on eBay, particularly men’s t-shirts and plain color shirts. Graphic tees are common too but not as much.

T-shirts have sale earnings of $184,418 and an average product price of $11.61. On the ZIK Analytics dashboard, we can see that the most popular types of T-shirts are men’s t-shirts.

Space Heaters

Next on the list, we have space heaters. A space heater is an appliance that is used to heat a single room which may be small to medium-sized. There are different types of space heaters, such as fan heaters, ceramic heaters, convection heaters, and infrared heaters.

Space heaters usually consume more energy than lighting or cooking. They are used when the main heating system is not functioning or is inadequate. Even though it is Springtime in April, it is still cold in so many parts of the world. Space heaters may be unavailable locally in those countries and this drives the demand on eBay.

Heaters have sale earnings of $156,371 and an average product price of $72.91. This is a great item to have in your store year long.

When adding space heaters to your store, be sure to add different sizes, shapes, and types. Also, remember to include affordable and portable options. You can as well do further research to find the best type to sell in your store.


Luggage refers to the bags, boxes, and cases used to carry a person’s possessions while they’re traveling. The global luggage industry has grown over the years. According to Statista, the luggage market was valued at $16 billion in 2020.

A lot of people will be taking their Spring breaks towards the end of March and in April. So, there will be increased demand for luggage bags and containers of different types.

Luggage has sale earnings of $106,015 and an average product price of $61.9. 71.5% of the listings in this product category have been successful.

Luggage is often sold in sets. So, be sure to take advantage of bundle offers to attract customers. Also, make sure to include luggage in different styles, colors, and designs.

Live plants

Live plants are popular in April. These plants are grown indoors in homes, offices, etc. They help to improve air circulation and reduce pollution. They also serve decorative purposes. Low maintenance, affordable options are preferred by buyers.

Live plants have sale earnings of $68,974 and an average product price of $8.4



Vitamins are available in tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders. Due to deficiencies in diets, dietary supplements are needed to prevent diseases and support the proper functioning of the body. The demand for vitamins depends on health trends and consumer awareness.

Vitamins have sale earnings of $135,987 and an average selling price of $12.68. 94% of the listings are successful. You should do your research to know which vitamins you can sell in your store at this time of year.

Men’s Socks

A sock is a clothing item worn over the feet. Socks are worn for various purposes, such as athletics, fashion, and work.

Compression socks sell well on eBay. Be sure to add other types of socks to your store, including calf socks, ankle socks, heavy-duty and thermal socks in a variety of colors, styles, and materials

Men’s socks have le earnings of $78,780 and an average product price of $10.92. There has been increased demand for eco-friendly socks, so be sure to include those options in your store.

Coffee Tables


Generally speaking, a coffee table is a low table intended to be placed near a sofa or chair to provide convenient access to books, magazines, remote controls, porcelain ware, refreshments, and other items. They may be made from wood, glass, stainless steel, or aluminium

Coffee tables have sale earnings of $38,881 and an average product price of $78.03. You can look at these kinds of items at Walmart or other similar suppliers.

Make sure to add coffee tables with in-demand features such as toplift, hidden compartments, and drawers to your store.

Jewelry making beads

Next up, we have jewelry-making beads. Jewelry-making beads have sale earnings of $34,882 and an average product price of $3.43. Looking at the product price, these are low ticket items but they generate a lot of profit.

Also, this product category has a sell-through rate of 12,921%. This means that for the top 100 listings, there are 129 potential buyers for every listing.

Be sure to include a variety of items in different sizes, shapes, designs, and of different prices in your store.

Lighting Kits

Studio lighting kits are useful for photographers and videographers. There are a lot of different designs and color options available. There are two common types of lighting kits: strobe lights and continuous lights.

You can include lighting kits of different shapes, sizes and designs, and for different uses.

Lighting Kits have sale earnings of $31,661 and an average product price of $37.66. By looking at the stats of the products in this category, this is an in-demand product. If you want to sell this kind of product, you can list more item kits and put a different price for each item.

Hair Dryers

Hairdryers work using hair and are used to dry hair in less time than is naturally possible. Corded and cordless hairdryers are in high demand. Hairdryers are used in hair salons, spas, and for home use.

Hair Dryers have le earnings of $26,979 and an average product price of $28.89. There are a lot of products in this category, so it is important to do your research carefully and narrow it down to about three products you can sell in your store.

Revlon Hair Dryers are best-selling brands on eBay and the word “Professional” is repeated on a lot of the top-selling items. This is something important to note while creating your product title.

Zik Analytics has a Title Builder that allows you to type in the main keywords of your product and generates other words that describe your products. This is useful because it shows the number of searches and sales that each keyword generates.

Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners have sale earnings of $24,012 and an average product price of $23.7. There is a lot of variety in this beauty category. Be sure to add in-demand hair straighteners of different prices, designs, and specifications to your store.

Easter Chocolate

The Easter holiday on April 17th means there will be an increase in demand for Easter-themed products.

Easter Chocolates have le earnings of $7,916 and an average product price of $19.79. You can scan through the products listed on eBay and see what you can sell in your store.

Easter Decorations

Continuing the trend of Easter products, we have Easter decorations next. Egg wraps, nativity sets, coloring kits, and inflatables are trending in the craft category.

Decorations have sale earnings of $7,102 and an average product price of $12.93. There are a lot of different items in this category. You can use the Scan product button in Zik Analytics to show you all the other sellers who are selling that particular item.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are the most symbolic food at Easter, representing the start of life and its continuation. There are many different types of Easter Eggs.

Easter Eggs have sale earnings of $3,689 and an average sales price of $14.92. About 220 items have sold in this product category over the last 30 days.

The number one best-selling item in this category on eBay is an egg painting kit and it is being dropshipped. Using Zik Analytics, you can check if this particular product is being stocked by your supplier of choice.

Easter basket

Sell Easter baskets in April

As part of Easter celebrations, Easter baskets are used for giving gifts and Easter egg hunts. Be sure to provide Easter baskets of different colors, sizes, and shapes in your store.

Easter baskets have a sell-through rate of 96%, 100 listings, 96 sold items, $1,754 sale earnings, 13% successful listings, and an average price of $18.98 over the last 30 days. They are top-selling products.


Now, you should have an idea of the best items to stock in your store in April. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned or rookie ecommerce entrepreneur these items will help you close off the month with your target profit and sales.

You should note that these products are possible ideas you can sell in your store. You can always do your arch to find best-selling items on the eBay market. Product research is a continuous process. Keep observing the trends and improving your skills and watch your retail store take to the skies.


How do I list on eBay?

Creating an eBay listing helps you get your product in front of buyers. Before creating your listing, it is crucial that you have as much information about your product written down first. You should also “test package” the item and note the package’s dimensions.

You can then follow these steps to list on eBay:

  • Log into your eBay seller account
  • Click on “Sell” in the top bar
  • Type in some of your product’s details in the box that appears on the next page and select “Sell It”
  • Select your product’s category and click “Create Listing”
  • You can then go on to add more details about the products. Make sure to include high-quality pictures
  • Choose your selling format, whether Auction or Fixed Price, and set your price.
  • Fill in the rest of the required details, about shipping and returns, and you’re done.